Harker School, San Jose Student

"I have been working with Kim since I was in fifth grade at The Harker School. I still remember the first few tutoring sessions that I had with her. Although she was extremely busy with other students at the time, I can still recall that she always came in with a smile and a fresh attitude that was willing to work with a talkative 10 year old. Throughout the years, Kim really helped me excel in my English and creative writing courses. Though my school is one of the most academically rigorous schools across the country, my teachers have sent numerous emails to me stating that my writing has either improved throughout the year or they are impressed with the work that I produced while I was in their class. As I have gotten older, there have been many instances where it is late at night and she still has the same determination and drive to help me polish and refine my essay. Not only is she an amazing tutor, but also she is one of the most caring and considerate people I know. I am forever grateful for the countless hours she has worked with me."

-  Eleventh Grader


California Polytechnic State University Student

“Kim helped me with my college essays as a senior in high school and was a big presence in my life at the time. She is the most kindhearted and personable tutor I could have asked for. Kim goes above and beyond and truly took the time to get to know me which made personal statements a breeze. Not many people can say they look forward to tutoring but I definitely can! Kim made my college dreams a reality, and took my writing to the next level.”

-  Nate M.


Valley Christian High School, San Jose Student

"Kim is a lovely person to be around. I began working with her in my freshman year, and I was not a fan of writing. Over time, I found that I love to write and she has continued to help me for the past three years. Kim helped me write my college app essays and I am excited to be starting Santa Clara University this year!"

-  Chase Z.


Santa Clara University Student

"Kim is a wonderful tutor. She is always there to help me, whether it is for school or for things that do not have to do with school. She does some extraordinary work when it comes to correcting my essays, and in some cases, saved my grade on those assignments. I would have never been able to do as well as I did without her help. I am forever grateful to her."

-  Zach Z.


Leland High School, San Jose Student

“Kim is an incredible English tutor.  Over the last couple of years, she helped me complete multiple assignments with great success.  She is accountable, creative, knowledgeable, very experienced and super great to work with.  She has been very flexible with her schedule and has even helped me by editing, reviewing and suggesting improvements for my assignments late at night before important due dates.  I couldn’t have done it without Kim and would recommend her without hesitation.  Kim, you’re the best!!”

-  Lucas M.


Valley Christian High School, San Jose Student

"Mrs. Kim has helped me since I was in elementary school. Fast forward many years later I am going off to college. She helped and supported me through the whole process and allowed me to get into my top school I never imagined going to. She has allowed me to grow and further my education and I will never forget all that she has provided me with as a student!"
-  Tori V.