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Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors (only juniors who are willing to work diligently and quickly),

Please do not wait until your senior year to consider your college application essays. The time to act is NOW!

Tell me your interests, talents, and goals, and I will tell you how to act on them right now so that you end up with a college application that stands out in your senior year. 

High School & College Essay Editing

High School & College Essay Editing

High school and college essays require the proper tone and flow as professors carefully look for content, grammar, and depth.

It is vital to have a strong introduction, as this often subconsciously sets the grade in the teacher's mind for the entire essay. It is then my job to make sure that the introduction is concise and enticing, the body is well organized and delivers strong content, and the conclusion cements in the teacher's mind the positive reaction they had after reading your introduction.

I hope I have the opportunity to take your essay to the next level and elevate your unique writing style!

College Prep Package

College Prep Package

Colleges these days have rigorous standards. Among these are entrance essays that help them determine more about you and if you would be a good fit for their university. These are often key to a potential student's acceptance or denial. You want to make the best impression possible.

Do Not Wait until your senior year to start this process. If you are serious about your education and your future career, then please do not hesitate.

My skills are suited to highlight and showcase my students' strengths in a manner that persuades universities to consider my students as excellent candidates to receive acceptance letters.

Check out this special College Prep Package!

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College Application

College Application Essay

This is my favorite part of being a tutor, helping my students receive acceptance letters from their dream colleges.

Please note that there is an absolute tone that the college admistration office is looking for in each essay. Every single word counts! There is a fine line between sounding confident and arrogant while sharing all of your strengths. Moreover, there is a more definite line between sounding robotic and sounding personable.

I would love to work with you on your tone throughout your common application essay and all the essays required for the specific universities that you are wanting to attend.

Do Not Leave Your Page Blank!

If you are struggling with brainstorming and outlining ideas for a particular essay prompt, I can help you! If you need help creating a strong thesis, I can help! Let's work together to fill that empty page with an essay that will leave your teacher amazed.

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College Prep Package

College Prep Package

This is a specific package that includes:

  • A one-hour consultation with parents as well as the student to discuss the top 5 colleges of choice
  • Customized plan designed specifically for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors
  • Discussion about common themes found in college application essays
  • Walking through college application essays and giving examples of what will be memorable
  • Counseling on extra-curricular activities that will make your student an ideal candidate
  • Emphasizing the weight placed on the essays in light of the recent policy changes to both the SAT and ACT tests

Flat Fee $75.00

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