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Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors (only juniors who are willing to work diligently and quickly),

Please do not wait until your senior year to consider the content of your college application essays. It is a competitive world. The time to act is NOW!

Tell me your interests, talents, and passions, and I will tell you creative ways to act on them now so that your college application stands out during your senior year. 

High School & College Essays

Whether it is an English, history, or religion essay, I will elevate your unique writing style and take your essay to the next level.

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College Prep Package

Receiving an acceptance letter from your dream university requires a specific plan of action. I offer a consultation package geared to set you up for success.

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College Application Essays

I push my students to have their voice come through each essay, implementing sensory language and word choice that leave a lasting impression, while carefully editing for flow and tone.

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Why Kim Thompson?

I have been a tutor for the past eleven years, specifically working with students who attend some of the most prestigious private schools in the Bay Area.

I have been editing essays for students who attend The Harker School, Valley Christian Schools, Santa Clara University, Bellarmine, Leland, and many other schools located in Silicon Valley.

Recently, I have been working with students from China and Bangladesh who wish to enter colleges in the United States. It has been such a blessing to meet so many wonderful students.

Personally, I encourage my students and I build relationships with each one. I offer support to them throughout the school year, and they know that they can depend upon me.

As an English major, I absolutely love to write and to read short stories, poetry, and great novels. My hope is that the excitement I have for finding deeper truths within a text is contagious. This will result in my students writing papers with great depth. I want each student to finish a session with me and have more confidence in their writing ability.

I sincerely love my job.


I need help with my essay...

Do you need someone to help you brainstorm, write an incredible introduction, edit your essay, or help you find a subtle yet fascinating detail in a text to make your essay stand out? If you answered, "Yes!" Then you came to the right site.